Do You Exercise When Sick?


OK, it is that time of year -- the flu is going around like crazy, not to mention a multitude of other viruses. So the question came up the other night at one of our book signings: "OK, so you recommend exercising 6 days per week, but what do you do if you are sick?"

GREAT question. Here is my simple answer. If it is from the neck up -- keep on exercising! If it is from the neck down -- take it easy or take it off! So if you have a sore throat, are stuffed up or even have a headache, try to exercise! The likelihood of making you actually feel better and mitigating the symptoms is high. (I had a nasty travel headache yesterday and 45 minutes on the treadmill kicked it!) However, if your body aches, you have a fever, or an upset stomach -- take a break. Your body is already working hard to repair itself and you may take a couple of steps backward if you workout hard. Once you are feeling better, progress back into your routine slowly.