Nutrition Hot Topic - "Should I Drink Cow's Milk?"

Many worry about all the antibiotics that are pumped into our animals; but is going totally milk-free absolutely necessary? There is a lot of good scientific evidence AND snake oil and radical theories out there about milk. Here is where I come down on it.

I think the evidence is very strong that getting dairy (as a vehicle for good quality protein, vitamin D, calcium and other minerals) is very beneficial and is beneficial throughout life. I don't think there is a ton of evidence for taking extra calcium unless you have low dairy intake. I do agree that the vast majority of the dairy that is grown (meaning the cows) and sold is really poorly grown and there is a concern with contaminants. For that reason, almost all my dairy that my family consumes is organic. Dairy DOES NOT leach bones - it supports them. Watch out - there is a really strong anti-dairy lobby group that has been promoting that.